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Star Observer Magazine (November 2016)

By Shannon Power

Weekend Notes for Melbourne Fringe Festival

By Mistress of Culture Vultures


By Sam Price

Broad on Joy fm

By Sonja Hammer

Natasha Jynel + Threadbare

By Q&A Scene

SBS Life

By Natasha Jynel

Weekend Notes at The Butterfly Club

By Fiona Anderson

EPISODE 2: Interview with Natasha Jynel

By Oz African TV

Natasha Jynel interview on July 21, 2016

By Richard Watts 

An interview

By The Australian Times

Radio Interview

By 3CR Radio

A Footscray Street Party

By Natasha Jynel

VAMFF Cultural Program 2016

By Natasha Jynel

Do you have the guts to stand up for five minutes?

By Natasha Jynel

The season-one program is packed with big names.

By Natasha Jynel

Star Weekly

By Benjamin Millar

‘Our Voices, Changing Culture’

By Archer Magazine

An exhibition about dual immigrant culture

By Natasha Jynel

Multicultural Centre for Women's Health

By Matylda Buczko

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