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Tash in Real Life

M.D.Y Photography

Now, I'm in my thirties. Early thirties, but still. Time is moving forward, so I thought it would be good take a moment an ask the big question: what's happened to that beautiful weirdo I used to know?

I spend a lot of time producing shoots and images of other people and the times I am in front of the camera I'm usually wearing makeup of some kind. It's been known to happen on an occassion or two that I show someone a picture of me modelling and they say 'wow. That girl looks amazing' ... and then there's the awkward moment when they realise it's me and look back and forward between the photo and real life me with a bit of confusion. And I get it. I do the same thing.

I absolutely love getting my hair and makeup done and prancing around on a beach or in some cramped alleyway. It's fun, but it's fun because that's not me on the daily ... so, who am I?

One thing that's clear to me is that 'the beautiful weirdo I used to know' is still here. She's just grown up a bit. She's the girl who would tape record live studio talk shows with her stuffed animals and get busted (repeatedly) lip syncing to Shania Twain in the basement.

Now, in her thirties she's learning how to embrace all the sides of herself and revel in the weirdness and authenticity of Tash in Real Life.

Check out the full photo series shot by M.D.Y Photography

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